'Tis The Season for Giving

A simple idea has now developed into an annual operation. Each year we will be seeking families with young children who may not have the means to provide Christmas gifts. We will surprise each family with handmade items from our shop. 


What inspired this project?

I vividly remember one Christmas as a child, our family was struggling financially. We didn't even have a Christmas tree that year. I remember that my mom made one from construction paper. We did not expect any presents at all, but much to my surprise the local church where we would receive food pantry services from donated gifts to my family! My two brothers received an foosball table and I received a Jack in the Box toy. New! Still in its clear plastic bag. You know, the ones that come for free in a kid's meal.

I loved that little toy. That inexpensive toy held tremendous value for me and I loved it as much as my other dolls and plush animals. I will never forget the joy I felt from someone gifting us presents out of the kindness of their heart and how that impacted me at such a young age. We hope to do the same for the families you nominate.

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